About Us

Let's know about Flooracea

We at Flooracea focus on Floorings which is least understood and least transparent aspects of designing a building and We see that as an opportunity. We are passionate and excited to simplify the selection process by enriching the end users with the know-how of products. we offer melange of flooring services under one roof to let end users be the master decider of their own project so that they can leverage their style and affordability hand to hand.

Our vision is to be customer centric flooring brand who truly believes in customer first by being transparent. Gone are the days when you have to choose the only product available in the market. We at Flooracea gives you all the flooring options available in the market under one roof.

Flooracea is one of its kind services catering to Floorings where we supply the flooring materials and installation services. Just drop us an inquiry and we will be there to give you free estimate and guidance on your flooring needs.

Our Founder

  • founder
  • Madhav Soni Founder of Flooracea

    Everyone in their lifespan must have faced the urge of having a place where they can get Panacea solution for a single need. Place where they can get all under one roof, so they don’t have to visit different places to choose and compare the products. Top of that having a confidence to buy a product from an expert is an icing on the cake.
    Our Founder is a Chemical Technologist and veteran of creating and managing sustainable solutions out of chemistry. The need of a comprehensive solutions was the idea behind venturing into all-in-one flooring solution. The values assimilated through out his career groomed him for customer centricity. The love and generous experience of Polymer and Fibers is the core in his doings.